the new approach to cooperative yacht brokerage

how we work……

The Broker Partnership is a new approach to co-operative yacht brokerage. Throughout the country there are many smaller independent yacht brokerages who have no wish to become a franchisee or take out a licence to use someone else’s name. These offices have no interest in becoming faceless in a world where the people are all important. However, a small office can find that the costs of marketing a small number of boats is substantially more expensive, on a per boat basis, than for those with a larger portfolio. This is where The Broker Partnership comes into its own. Our partners are able to benefit from greatly increased marketing exposure for your boat by nature of our group marketing power.

So, if you see a boat for sale with a Broker Partnership logo attached to it you can rest assured that it is being marketed across a great number of sales websites such as those shown on the right. If you see a boat on one of those sites that you are interested in, then click on the link for more information. you will most likely be transferred straight to the website of the broker who is actually handling that sale. No central handling office, no middle-man, straight through to the right person. That being said we are always here to help at The Broker Partnership if you need any assistance.

If you are selling your boat through one of our Partners you can rest assured that your boat is going to be seen by any potential buyers in a greater number of datafeeds, such as those seen here, than would be affordable on an individual basis.



data feeds used by the broker partnership

our vision

our vision is to provide a new way of cooperative working for the mutual benefit of our partners and their customers. to provide an enhanced marketing platform thereby improving the opportunities available for our partners to be able to sell your boat quickly and efficiently.

our mission

our mission is to promote smaller independent yacht brokerages throughout the UK without the restrictions of a franchise agreement or licence. to provide the benefits to the individual brokerage office that otherwise would only be afforded to the bigger groups of offices.

our aims

our aims are to promote our partners to a “level playing field” with their bigger competitors through the benefits of group purchasing and marketing. these aims will greatly improve the likelihood of one of our partners being able to sell your boat by its enhanced presence in the marketplace.